For whom is the Web2 website solution meant?

We have specialized in the creation of websites for small and medium-sized companies. Although we would be able to create complicated information portals with the help of our sister company HansaNet OÜ, we have chosen not to do that. We have focused our attention on and designed the solutions for companies:
Our aim is to prepare websites which will be profitable for our clients. When we say profit, we do not mean just a growth in sales volume, but also an improvement of reputation. We are constantly developing our content management system and the additional products, with the aim that the websites prepared by us would:

The solution

 The Web2 solution has been built up based on the aforementioned requirements and as a result, the websites will be ready fast and at an affordable cost. In order to avoid the long waiting time for the final version of the website, Web2 has prepared the layouts in advance and they can be chosen as the “base” for the website. The layouts set the structure of the website (where the links and the pictures are); every single website will get an exclusive design from our designers. The only thing we need from You is a logo and some relevant pictures, if You have them.

In order to allow You to add, change or delete the information on the website yourself, we have created the simple content management system Web2 CMS – You will learn how to use it in just 30 minutes (or even sooner if You are already familiar with the computer and MS Word). We can also offer training in content management in order to provide You with the best skills. 

What distinguishes Web2 from other website-creators?

 In comparison with other website-creators, we aim to offer:
If You wish to get more information, please fill in the contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from You :)